Capitalism and DIY

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Oct 23, 2018 22:00 schoolactivities
When I asked my boss if I could try to decorate our school for an open house in October, he didn't expect of me at all. So once my students and I were done all the decoration only for 540 Yen, he almost couldn't believe his eyes. Now he is telling us how happy he is working at such a beautiful school. I am very proud of our result with such a low cost, even though I have to say that our school is kind of small, that only takes two floors of a building.
In Japan there are 100 Yen shops that are similar to one euro shops. You can buy one small ornament, for example, a small pumpkin toy for 108 Yen, including the tax. If I had bought ready-made products, our decoration wouldn't have been as fantastic as now we have, but just ugly and cheap, furthermore, it would have costed a lot. I am happy that my paper craft skills helped us from being exploited.
Many people are losing their money because of their lack of skills making their lives comfortable.
If you can cook for yourself, you don't have to buy something expensive, unhealthy, high-fat, soaked with plenty of preservative at a convenience store. If you know how to properly maintain your clothes, you don't have to throw away your dirty shirts anymore or buy new ones so many.
You may say "That's okay, I'll pay! I don't want to use my time for house works!"
That's not only a money issue. I mean that you have to rely on commercialism to live your daily life. Your skilllessness drives you into a dependent situation.
I am especially interested in the correlation between poverty and the diet. If none from a family knows how to cook, it is likely to happen that they can't make ends meet on their income. Good education can teach you how to earn money, but as a teacher, I want to teach my students how to cleverly save money by learning those small skills.
What makes you believe that you have to pay for everything you need in your life? Why do you firmly believe that you can't learn anything practical?
When I brought my small oven to our school to demonstrate how to bake scones, I told my students what you can cook with it.
"You can bake pizzas."
Hearing this, my students got excited.
"Seriously? I thought that I can eat pizzas only when I have money."
"Actually I bake pizzas often, right before the pay day."
"Please show us how to bake pizzas! I want to eat them as many as I want to!"
I knew how to make okonomiyaki, that are like pizzas, but until learning how to bake pizzas, I never thought that I could bake them. We'd better learn not only how to cook but also that you can learn more skills that allow you to live an independent life.
「別にいいよ、お金を払えばいいんでしょ! 家事に時間を費やすつもりはないから」
「先生、マジですか? ピザなんて、お金がある時しか食べられないって思ってたよ!」
「先生、教えて! ピザを思い切り食べたい!」
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