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Jul 16, 2016 02:14
"It is always difficult to decide what to say and what not to say," said a girl. We were reading a short story of "Ise Monogatari".
In that story, the protagonist had a wife who was his first friend. He just started to visit another woman, however, his first wife didn't show her unpleasant feelings like jealousy. He doubted of her faithfulness. He hid and expected to find her cheating, but he only heard her recite a poem. He was so impressed.
The girl commented, "why could she do the right things?"
I added, "the poem didn't tell her jealousy, nor sorrow but her deep love. It was so effective that he came back to her."
"How should we know what to say?", the girl asked again. "I am always afraid of saying something wrong." I just told her that I understood her. I thought today's lesson was enough, so I didn't say any more, however, next week I will tell her: "It's valuable to express your feelings or your thoughts, if the things are important for you. How do the people think about you? It is not your problem but theirs. You shouldn't be afraid of expressing yourself."
She will fly to New Zealand next month for a short stay. It will be her first experience to travel abroad. I want to encourage her before the flight.
Thank you for reading this. Have a nice weekend!
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「自分の気持ちや、考えを言ってもいい。大切なことなら、なおさら言うべきだよ。聞いた人がどう思うかって? それはもう、自分の問題じゃなくて、相手の問題。自分を表現するのを恐れないで」