A Book Club for "The Left Hand of Darkness" Part1 初めての読書会1

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Jul 29, 2018 23:02 thelefthandofdarkness bookclub
Since I moved to Sanda, Meetup has sometimes given me suggestions of activities to join. Back I was living in my home town, it was completely quiet and I almost forgot that I had an account. When I logged in that website, it just showed some activities happening in somewhere 100 km away from there. So, I really hadn't thought of using it, until I found a book club reading "The Left Hand of Darkness".
I was sure that if I had missed this opportunity, I would have regretted forever. It is said that that book is one of the masterworks of sci-fi, but I don't think that it has been popular in Japan. I had never met someone who knew the author's name or read that book before, except my sister. I only shared that topics with her, poor me, poor us!