Today, I was writing a trial examination for an English proficiency...

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Sep 14, 2019 20:33
Today, I was writing a trial examination for an English proficiency test in a cafe. I put my cell phone to tell the time in front of me. I shouldn't have been distracted, but failed because of the conversation between two women sitting by a table next to mine. I'll give them names X and Y for convenience.
X: "So, how did you get to know your husband? I want to learn how to get a foreign boyfriend."
Y: "I used the app ○○, which was cheaper and better than the other apps. You can get one through it!"
X: "I'll definitely try that! You know, children half Japanese and half foreign are very sweet. I'm dreaming of..."
I bit my lip not to burst into laughter. I even put earphones in my ears, but they didn't help with that. I knew eavesdropping was not good manner at all, but they spoke in a loud voice. I had to wonder if they would start this conversation if I had had Western features with my face. It's rare to be exposed to such honest opinions of Japanese women if you are not Japanese people. I was surprised that they seemed to be in their early thirties. If they had been as old as my parents, I wouldn't have been very surprised. They used the term 外国人 "foreigner" and apparently meant with that Western guys.
Japanese people often ask me what my intention of learning languages, assuming that I'm looking for an American or a German boyfriend. They even ask me directly that question.
"Then, you like Westerners, don't you?"
To be honest, what disturbs me is not only their rudeness, but also my answer: "I'm not sure, but possibly yes."
Before restarting English learning, I'd not thought about that possibility. Without verbal communication, how should I expect to get along with people who don't know Japanese? That conversation made me consider if I am attracted to some specific features of the appearance. This time my answer is also "maybe yes?"
But I'm not sure. I prefer taller men than me because I am kind of tall. However, I once got married with a man who was much shorter than me. I wouldn't want to say things like "I like European guys, they are attractive...", but I am still thinking if I am honest.