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Apr 21, 2019 22:58
My German language partners have been curious how I feel experiencing the change of the era. I'm not a patriotic person who loves to buy the Imperial Family calendar every year and put the photos of royal wedding in a frame on the wall. Some people do that, a royal family photo frame next to a snap of Yuzuru Hanyu's performance, who is a popular figure skater.
The name of the new era was announced on the 1st of April. However, I was deadly busy and had hardly noticed that the historical day of Japan had come. If one of my language partners hadn't asked me what I would be doing on the moment of the announcement right before the day, I am sure I would have totally forgot it.
This time has been a bit new and different for me, even for a not so patriotic person. This month, one of my students stayed at my flat. She got into a German baking recipe book which had been given by the friend who mentioned the new era announcement. One night, we baked cookies following one of the recipes from that book for a school picnic. I had to admit that I was the person who made Heisei and Reiwa cookies.
After I posted the photos on Instagram, I saw many similar giddy posts one after another with #平成から令和へ.
This weekend, I had fever, but I had to go to my parents' house where I left my old books, including some which I used at the seminar of 万葉集. The new era was named from an introduction of a poem series of this oldest poem collection book.
I am always grateful that I could study 万葉集 in Nara where that book was born. Since I went to university, I have learnt how good it is when you can walk on the same ground where the authors in the ancient times used to walk and see the same mountain ridge lines which they used to see. The old Japanese or old Chinese is not my major, but still, I am so delighted that 万葉集 was the source of the name of the new era.
I stubbornly decided that I would have to read that part on my own books, translate for myself and make teaching materials for my Japanese class. I didn't expect how delightful I would be feeling while I was translating that part. Tomorrow I will exhibit my books with a panel of an easy explanation at school.
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