Which side do you usually walk, the left side or the right side of ...

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Aug 4, 2016 04:43
Which side do you usually walk, the left side or the right side of your friend? I suppose it depends. You might walk the left side of person X and the right side of person Y.
Last weekend I met a friend. It was the second time to see him in person. The first time I didn't notice that he often changed his position while walking together. This time in Tokyo, we walked along busy streets, strolled about lovely towns, and took crowded trains. I couldn't expect which side he would appear the next moment. When he was in my left, I hang my bag on my right shoulder and when he walked to my right, my bag was on my left shoulder. It might be his unconscious action. I liked that. I felt free and relaxed being with him. We had a tea break in Shimokitazawa. He let me take the better seat by the window, and he did so very naturally. I also liked that.
I haven't told about my observation to him. He might say, "No, you were moving around me, I couldn't expect which side you would walk the next moment."
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