I was so reckless that I tried to accept a guy who fell for a new g...

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Jul 29, 2016 03:38
I was so reckless that I tried to accept a guy who fell for a new girl every week. He kissed another girl a week before our first date and told me that. He called me only to tell how he suffered for his ex-girlfriend, and the end of the long phone calls, he used to say, "I am ill. I have no time for you." He made me happy and of course feel pain. In a sense, if I liked such an undesirable guy, it would be far easier. I wouldn't have to expect anything for him. I wouldn't have to make any effort. All I have to do would be just to wait for time passing.
Now I feel I have become more clever, presumably too clever. I know that love gives us not only pain. I am afraid that I am breaking something precious because of my negativeness. I must overcome my old fears and negativeness right now.
"Seize the day, enjoy the moment"
I want to do so.
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