Today I practiced German with my language partner.

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Jun 25, 2017 23:13
Today I practiced German with my language partner. He sent me a link and said that he liked the Japanese scissors in the website. I guess he liked the beautiful shape of them. I explained that they were for sewing. Looking at the website, suddenly, I reminded of an old belief that I was taught by my grandmother and my mother: If you give an edged tool like scissors or a knife to someone, the tool might cut the relationship with the person. To avoid it, you should take one coin from the person. If so, you don't give it but sell, so the tool cannot cut your relationship.
I am not sure if this belief is widely believed or not. Possibly people don't believe this any more, or it is known only in this small area in my home town.
My language partner seemed to be interested in my story and said deliberately, that there is no similar belief in Germany.
I live in Japan for many years, but I didn't talk about the belief so often. The first time I shared it was when I talked with a person from a different culture. It is interesting.