While reading an article about the strangely warm weather of winter...

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Apr 19, 2019 22:53
While reading an article about the strangely warm weather of winter in the UK, I came across sentences I haven't been able to understand.
Quote: "Except it isn't early summer: it's February. And the entire developed world has not so much been doing something slightly naughty as systematically attacking the global ecosystem over a period of decades, and that's how we go into this mess."

I wondered if I would have understand the meanings of the words, "naughty" or "attack". As far as I know, "naughty" means "rude", "badly-behaved", or "obscene". Why it must have been the cause of the climate change, that the advanced countries haven't been doing something bad for ages? Isn't it opposite? If the author says that those countries haven't cared much about the weather issue, I would understand. But he writes something different.
Can someone explain to me? Thanks in advance!

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