I spent the whole day today reading an English book as if I were a ...

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Sep 25, 2018 00:53 bookclub pachinko
I spent the whole day today reading an English book as if I were a university student again. However, I never tried English books at university. My major is Japanese literature.
If you have known me on Lang-8 for a while, you may remember that I had a problem with reading English books: When I tried to read an English book, I fall asleep in five minutes. Since finishing "The Left Hand of Darkness", I have seemed to succeed in breaking that curse. Thought I'm a very slow reader still now, today I reached 150 pages of the book which is the assignment for the next book club meeting. When I felt tired, I stood up and did some house works such as bleaching white shirts, cooking etc., and got back reading. It made me feel peaceful.
At the first lecture of a modern Japanese literature class, the professor cheerfully told us to read all the Kawabata's work in a week. Kawabata is known to be a prolific writer and he lived to be over 70 years old until he ended his life by committing suicide. If he hadn't done that, he would have created more books. I always prefer authors who died young, like Kenji Miyazawa, Ichiyo Higuchi, Atsushi Nakajima. They wrote less books that allow you to study them thoroughly and buy their books even if you don’t have much allowance. Anyway I had no choice before the professor‘s demand, so I managed to complete Kawabata's work by the next lecture. Today I remembered how proud I was when I made it.
I think I am reading much faster than ever, but I still wish I could read at least one over ten as fast as I can in Japanese. (Or 1 % of the speed of my reading Japanese, I would finish this book tonight...) There're still 350 pages left to read by Sunday. I'll try to do my best.