When I woke up in the morning, every morning music had been already...

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Jan 15, 2017 23:32
When I woke up in the morning, every morning music had been already played in my head,
I listened to it all the day.
In my childhood I hated this phenomena.
I couldn't turn off "Sazaesan", there was no switch in my head.
It made me grim. I solved math quiz a tempo of March.
I had thought that that was my individual, neurotic problem, but last summer, my friend told me that in German, there is a proper word to refer this endless music.
It is often said that until something acquires its name, it doesn't exist.
By being named with a word, the figure becomes clear and obvious, then people start to think about its definition.
Back to the point, "the endless melody in my head" has a name. It is "Ohrwurm".
Since I learned this noun, I have been able to think about the reason of the music.
"It is not an unreasonable phenomena, it does exist." As I have acknowledged that, I am able to understand the reason of Ohrwurm.
Today's "Ohrwurm" had a certain reason. A piece of the song text came out from my old memory because it linked with my current situation. I realized that after listening to it a half day.

I usually write my texts in English first and then translate it in Japanese, but today the original text was written in Japanese. I wouldn't like to get a literally translation of my Japanese original, but I would be glad to get correction.