Today, when I was in a train bound for Kyoto, I noticed a man stand...

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Sep 7, 2019 22:57
Today, when I was in a train bound for Kyoto, I noticed a man standing in front of me was sleeping. At that time I took the train at Himeji, there was few passengers, so I sat reading a book. Inside the train it was gradually becoming crowded, so he was not able to find a vacant seat. He was clinging to a strap with both hands and it functioned as a fulcrum. His body was swaying and even turning slowly like a dead body in a suspense fiction story. I hesitated to ask him saying like: "Hi, you seem deadly tired! You should have my seat!"
Is any guy pleased to be offered a seat in a train by a woman? In Japan, there is no such custom to give up seats to women. So, you may see that many tired face businessmen are sitting in a train whereas a pregnant woman is standing besides them. If our culture doesn't matter, he looked younger than me. Maybe in his thirties or twenties?
Eventually, I patted on his shoulder and said those words, but in a more polite way. He opened his eyes and blushed, seemingly embarrassed. He was kind of cute if he was not asleep. He said politely that he was afraid of sleeping over to the terminal station of this line when he sat. And thanked me with a more awake expression.
If it had been a novel I was reading then, he would have found me attractive and fallen for me. A wonderful love story would be to start. But in a real world where I live, nothing happened. I should admit I was also more tired than I thought, so I had such a silly daydream.