The Kansai Educational ICT Exhibition 2 関西教育ICT展 2

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Jul 20, 2019 07:06 training 関西教育ICT展
I am interested in one of the social issues in Japan. Many children are not attending school here. Some of them have problems bind to poverty and parents' indifference to their children's education or human rights. Especially, girls tend to be used as a convenient member helping housework and taking care of their siblings. However, children from the middle class have difficulties going to school as well. They seem just suddenly to stop going to school, even going outside of their house. I'd like to learn the mechanism.
One of my friend from Germany once shared an article which reported an incident in Bavaria. Parents who attempted to take their children for holidays some days earlier than the school semester will end were arrested (or caught) at the airport. The boy told the media that he would attend history classes at school rather than to be taken to boring churches or meeting with the locals. It was funny, but as a Japanese person, I was surprised. I had to think that also in Japan parents must be expected to be responsible for their parental duties guaranteeing basic education to their children. If parents are fined for neglecting their duties, more children would start attending school in Japan. However, there must be different approaches to this issue. We should address it by not only the legal side but also the cultural dimension.
I am expecting getting clues to solve this problem at the seminar in the Kansai Educational ICT Exhibition.