I like staying home, enjoying being lazy on a rainy day.

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Jul 27, 2018 23:21
I like staying home, enjoying being lazy on a rainy day. (I am wondering if "enjoying" here is redundant, but I am not sure.) I expect to enjoy a lazy Saturday tomorrow. The weather forecast says that it'll rain.
I'm reading "The Left Hand of Darkness" for a book club in Osaka on Sunday. I'm now breaking my record reading more than ten pages every day. I could never read so fast before, so I am actually surprised and pleased with that. I never force myself to read much but just enjoy reading my favourite book in English for the first time. There are lots of unknown terms and coinages by the author Le Guin embedded in that book, but they don't prevent me from reading. Fortunately the Japanese translation is already in my head, so I can quickly refer them. There are still 200 pages rest and I don't think that I can read it through by Sunday. I am just picking up some impressive chapters first. However, I'll have enough time to go on reading tomorrow. (If only I haven't had an appointment with my dentist tomorrow, I would have more time...) That'll be fun. I mean, reading it, not going to the dentist. And I also want to study my teaching plan for my stretching class. I think that I should actually practice some flows.
Reading a book and working out inside would be perfect ways to enjoy a rainy day.