At 8 p.m., inside the classroom was bright.

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Aug 13, 2016 01:32
At 8 p.m., inside the classroom was bright. I was tutoring a student with English. Suddenly a cicada flew into the room. Someone opened the door. It flew around and made some girls shouted. It landed on the ceiling and then, started buzzing noisily.
I sighed and left my place. My student yelled at me, "A cicada can live only one week! Please save its small life!"
I would say that I had to save the peace in the classroom.
I arrived at the top of the bookcase. Unfortunately today I was wearing a skirt. Then all the students and the teachers were watching me. I'm tall, but the noisy insect on the ceiling was far above my head.
A mathematics teacher came to me and said, "I will do it instead of you." In a short moment, I dreamed of me replying like this: "Ah thanks, Mr. XX, this mission is too difficult for me! I really appreciate you!"
I'm sorry to say, but I am not such a kind of feminine types. I smiled at him and said, "Thank you, but I am not afraid of insects. I am okay!"
I declined his kind offer, however, I upgraded his evaluation in my head immediately. He is so nice and cute!
Finally I caught the cicada with my finger. The buzz was almost unbearable. I ran out of the building and released it.
As I came back to my place, I noticed that some of the students were impressed, not by my English knowledge, but the skill to catch insects and maybe also, my guts.
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「セミは一週間しか生きられない! その小さな命を救ってやって、先生!」
「ああ、ありがとう、XX先生! この仕事は私には難しすぎます! 本当に感謝します」