When I was hired by the cram school I am working at about two years...

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Jan 27, 2017 02:17
When I was hired by the cram school I am working at about two years ago, I accepted some students in my English classes. At this cram school, teachers help their students like a tutor, one on one. At first I was shocked to know that my new students couldn't dictate at all. They could understand the meaning of a sentence written in English, but didn't know English sounds.
One of my students has been very interested in English. But before, he didn't expect himself to be able to understand English. He didn't even memorize personal pronouns. For Japanese native speakers, the concept of the first person, the second person, the third person, or singular and plural are not easy. We, Japanese speakers usually don't care much about them. We often drop the subject of the sentence. So, I didn't find his progress too slow. It was understandable.
I always read the texts aloud, and my students practice reading with me. He got to used my "talkative" method, and then started to speak in English. It was like a game for him.
He tries to say something witty after the class.
"You don't have a boyfriend!"
"It is impossible for you to stop eating chocolate!"
"Which do you like better, English songs or J-pops?"
Yesterday he tried to say "Yamamoto can teach English the best", but he hesitated, and also wanted to make me laugh, then the sentence was changed; "Yamamoto is not the best English speaker here!"
I am leaving this cram school soon. He has already known that. When I told that, he looked being hurt and asked in a whisper, "are you going to abroad again?"
This week I am giving my students to other teachers. I keep only two students for my last day there. He is one of them. When he knew that, he was astonished. He didn't ask me the reason, but I believe he knows that.