Sometimes I am asked to give more detailed information or my backgr...

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May 18, 2019 21:56
Sometimes I am asked to give more detailed information or my background so as to let the reader understand me more easily. To my Lang-8 friends, it may be easier to understand what I mean, but to someone who has not read my entries before, it may not be that easy. Even if you are not familiar with my topics, you could help me. It is not impossible, even though you haven't worked at a school, your hobbies are not baking, reading, or dance as long as your native language is English or German.
If I tried to write "A came from B" but failed and wrote "A came in B", it wouldn't make sense. You might take B is a physical place and I am talking about the movement of physical things, but it never occurs to you I want to tell A's origin. However, a native speaker with good grammars can depict what is wrong. If I write "C will be born", but you may show me a better example like "C will start to function" by your guess and your right grammar sense.
When I try to help my friends, I tell them what seems wrong and what prevents me from understanding their text. Even if I don't know the official name or the precise definition of A, B, or C, I could correct the logic, show the right particles and suggest more proper tenses. I just don't know how I can convince some of my friends, who hesitate to trust me, just because I am not very familiar with modern technology. I trust you even if you're not a high school teacher, then, why won't you trust me?