I read an article on stalkers.

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Aug 31, 2016 14:25
I read an article on stalkers. Once the people start stalking, it's difficult to stop or get out of the situation for both side. I think that stalking is a kind of addiction. They need a certain help of specialists.
Some days ago, a man said to me that if one is not satisfied with his life, it's easy to take things too much negative and feel inferior to others who look happier than he is. I know what he meant, because I have some experience to be a victim of harassment or stalkers. I can't stop thinking like "so why don't they try to improve their life before doing harmful things to others!?"
Whatever might be okay, if his complex comes from his poor education, he should start studying hard right now, or getting some certificate, which would be the solution. If he doesn't like his appearance, job or family, he can still try to change his environment. At least he can change his perspective toward them. I think that people should try to improve themselves and accept their own lives. The most important thing is to stop comparing to others' lives and having harmful ideas to others immediately. Life shouldn't be wasted that way.
Basically I am happy now, however, I have been thinking about what happiness is. I wonder why many people tend to stay in a situation they can't feel comfortable in physically or mentally. I showed some ways to improve life, but there is a far easier way. You should start loving yourself and the world. It is easy. You even don't have to put special efforts to do so.
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