At night, I have so many things to worry that I can't fall asle...

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Jul 18, 2019 07:58
At night, I have so many things to worry that I can't fall asleep quickly. I can't find the bright side of my current situation, so I have to soothe myself by snacking and reading manga. In the morning, I wake up to find I am smiling. The world is kind to me again. Everything is smiling at me. I am an optimistic person in the morning.
I am optimistic in the morning, but not at night.
My boss said he was the opposite. He has to wake up with sweat at 3 in the morning because of too much worry and can't fall asleep again.
I think that our (your? I mean human in general) mood is influenced by our biorhythm. ( I first typed "biolism". I have to listen to more English and improve my listening comprehension...)
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