I am a master of making excuses for procrastinating.

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May 8, 2019 00:11
I am a master of making excuses for procrastinating. From the end of April till yesterday, there were ten days holidays in a row. I decided to devote the time to improve my English skills to prepare for an English proficiency test that will be held in June. However, I found myself always searching for excuses not to study English. I woke up at 7:30. Lying on my bed (literally on my futon), I already started making excuses why I couldn't learn English now, such as, because
-It is rainy and I feel sleepy
-It is sunny and I should do the laundry
-It is cloudy and I want to bake a cake following a new recipe
-I have a backache
-I should enrich my German vocabulary more
-I need to go to a grocery store
-I have enough time left before the end of the holidays
I came up with a solution to get my laziness under control: I should always hang a carrot in front of myself.
I put a cup of tea and a cake dish on the table, and then, started learning. I allowed myself to take a bite every twenty minutes. When I was too fidget, I cleaned my flat. I named it "sandwich method". English sandwiched between cakes or new manga books can be deal with more easily. I knew very well that the more you learn, the easier you feel with your target language. So, I am not sure why I am so elusive. Today I nearly neglected my vocabulary practice for this excuse: I worked from 8:50 to 6. It didn't sound to make much sense, so I practiced.
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