I'm a beginner level of knitter.

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Sep 19, 2018 23:21
I'm a beginner level of knitter. Last weekend I joined a meeting of Meetup for knitters happening at a café near Daikokucho station in Osaka. The café served terrific cakes and tea in a good quality. There were seven participants there, including me. Three from the US and the rest were Japanese. Our group might have looked like a witches' assembly. Seven women quickly ordered one drink and one cake for each, took yarn out of our bags and started knitting. One woman was spinning yarn with a drop swindle standing by the table. We touched the others' yarn to learn the touch, asked where they bought it, what they were knitting, and how they would knit. I really enjoyed the conversation there. I was glad to find out that I had no difficulty to speak English while knitting. However, I should have been aware that I wasn't a skilled knitter yet. Suddenly my work in progress slipped from my hands and one needle dropped out of my piece. I gasped. I believe that I wasn't only one who shouted "Oh my God!" then. I was knitting a sock with five knitting needles. The organizer from the US told me that the way is called double pointed needle.
If I had been using a crochet, I wouldn't have been shocked at all. Because you can pull your crochet out of your unfinished piece without a worry to ruin it. Using knitting needles, you must be careful never to drop your needles. If you drop one, the knots of the top will be unraveled and fixing it is almost impossible, at least for a beginner. Fortunately, inside the café was light enough that I was able to fix it. The other participants celebrated me and recommended that I should use a circle needle. Circle needles are used when you knit a hoop such as socks, mittens or caps. I didn't have any, but I only knit those small stuff, so maybe I should follow their advice.
I'm not sure if some readers read my entry, in that I wrote: One of my biggest problems is shyness and I want to overcome it, so I would join a Meetup event. I meant this knitters café. I think that I wasn't shy there at all, was even seen a cheerful and sociable person. Gaining experience of success will help me. I'm thinking of attending the next meeting too.
「Oh my God!」
と叫んだのは私だけではありませんでした。私は、5本の棒針を使って、靴下を編んでいました。主催者のアメリカ人の女性は、複数の棒針を使って輪を編むのは英語で「double pointed needle」と言うのだと教えてくれました。