The Vagina Monologues in Osaka part 2

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Oct 28, 2018 18:53 thevaginamonologues
Yesterday I tried to explain to my friend my discomfort towards those dirty words in Japanese. He once corrected me when I used the word "arschkalt" by explaining patiently how it sounded to German ears. So, I was so surprised that he asked me why I felt uncomfortable if I was to say those "cunt" words in Japanese. It was really disgusting even only to explain why to my friend, so I couldn't.
I basically avoid using dirty words, even those who use dirty words. Because I am the one who believes that one's language tells others what the person is like. And the reverse is also true: Your language build up your personality.
I don't want to use those words, because they are originally used by men when they want to abuse women. I don't understand why I, a woman, have to say them. It just seems like I'm accepting being abused by men or even pleased with that.
I know some women don't care of using those words. I suppose that they are just ignorant about what I wrote above, or if they are aware but still want to use them, it may mean that they want to flutter vulgar men.