Impact of Globalization

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May 9, 2014 20:08
Our English teacher let us write an essay about the impact of globalization and explain what we can do to maintain traditional culture in the face of globalization


As we all know, globalization has become quite obvious during those years. People from different culture communicate together, exchange their opions and traditional culture. Because the social media made the chat so convenient.

As the saying goes, Globalization leads to the distinction of unique cultural features. Every cultures plays an important role in the big world stage. All of them is a symbol of their country and history, even ecomomy. For example, China have various of traditional customs, citizens in China are brave and work hard. The culture of China is much different from other countries.

Consequently, under the background of globalization, it is important to maintain the uniqueness of our culture. Such as continue the traditional festivals, commemorate the national heros. In the meantime, we should study the excellent customs from other cultures. Let's set up the common objective that build a wonderful world cultural garden and promote every cultures together in the globalization.