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Mar 14, 2014 21:12
Our English teacher arranged us a writing task.
It's about Does Borrowing Money do Harm to Friendship

Here is my writing.

As the saying go, we rely on neighbors at home while we rely on friends when we are away. That's not quite right.
Friends is precious to everyone,we share happiness with each other,study and play together.While some people believe, borrow money from friends hurt friendship.I agree with this view. Because when it comes to money, sometime we feel embarrassed. We often shame to ask friends repay money.

First of all, this problem has nothing to do with generosity. When you lend a sum of money to your friend while he forgets to return, you may feel uncomfortable.
Secondly. If you're unlucky, the friend who borrowed your money were vanished, so that you can's make your money back. It will hurt you.

In summary. Everyone have knowledge to make money. We'd better don't borrow money from friends if we could overcome hard times by ourself. If we have to borrow money or lend to others, we should make a contract when the number is large. And then repay on time. Everyone loves honest people.


I think it's must be a lot of mistakes :(
If someone can help me, I would be very grateful to you!!
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