Solve a problem with design-thinking

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Jun 9, 2014 09:55

4) What is a social problem that you are interested in working on in your home country after the program?

One of the social problems I’m interested in working on is the lack of confidence of many university students in Japan. I have seen a lot of students who don’t have confidence in themselves just because they couldn’t enroll the college they wanted to go. This is because Japanese people tend to put a high value on their academic back ground. So if you couldn’t attend the college, you will feel unworthy.

Actually, I’ve heard many university students say that it is impossible for them to work for a big company after they graduate because of their backgrounds.

However, entrance examinations are far too limited; the results reflect only some parts of one’s ability, not all. Also it focuses on logical thinking too much.

Therefore, I’d like to popularize design-thinking among college students and make them notice that your background is not everything.