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Apr 29, 2019 15:52
●As soon as he seat on the subway seat, he took Onigiri from his pocket and start eating it.
●Jim studied twice as hard as everybody else, after all, he entered the college.
●Even though you like meat, you should eat as well as meat.
●I decided teach him Japanese, instead of learning Chinese from him.
●I'm worried because my children went outside the day, doesn't come back till 8pm.
●Even his parents can't understand his complicated thoughts.
●It is rude to be late for appointments, although he appoints a place for the meeting himself.
●The quiz is not hard. Even children can solve it.
●It was an unbearable pain.
●If my freedom will disappear, I think it's better to live single the whole year.
●After the meeting, he seems to have a complaint.
●It's very important that you speak easily as long as you speak children.
●You should keep a diary to improve your writing skills.