I feel pity for my people

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Mar 30, 2019 07:30
I have been watching the Brexit drama for quite some time. It's better than any movie or TV series I have ever watched. The conflict, the twists, the display of human nature, ... you get everything from it.

This may sound funny, but I wanted to be a president or prime minister when I was young. I thought that it was the highest position one could reach in life. After watching the life of the Prime Minister of the UK, I wouldn't take that miserable position no matter how much I might be paid.

Brexit is in deep shit now! This somehow reflects the disadvantages of democracy. It's so difficult to reach a consensus in a complex situation. Sometimes a critical decision has to be made by those people who have limited knowledge in the field and do not fully understand the consequences.

However, the more I watch it, the more pity I feel for the 1.5 billion Chinese people who have no idea of how their country is governed. Neither do they have any way to influence their goverment.