Have You Expected Too Much From AI?

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Feb 1, 2019 00:59
<updated according to comments from my friend coolcono>

There is no doubt that Artifical Intelligence (AI) technology has been overly estimated nowadays. Terms like AI and Deep Learning have been repeatedly appearing in the media as well as in various exhibitions. A lot of products are claimed to be endorsed by AI. Everything around us suggests that we have evolved into a new era of humankind where people are living together with a new type of invented intelligence. Is that true? Definitely not!

Many researchers in this field are deeply concerned about the current circumstances where people's opinion towards AI is greatly influenced by those who know very little about it. Actually, the gap between the technology we have today and real intelligence is huge, if the two are even comparable. That is very important to understand. This overestimation has brought about unrealistic expectations of our technology from people in the industry. It also arouses unnecessary hostility to our technology from people who are worrying about the future of humankind. Furthermore, it has brought about division in academia. Like people elsewhere in the world, academia is now deeply divided.