Priests' Dilemma

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Apr 12, 2019 06:35
[Updated according to corrections by friends]

A person went to a church to make a confession. He told a priest that he killed someone but another person was accused of the murder. And the innocent person was going to be executed soon. The priest couldn't tell anyone about it because it would breach his oath. He felt guilty for allowing an innocent person being executed. Then he went to another priest and made a confession. But the second priest couldn't tell anyone either and went to the third priest. Finally, the day came for the innocent person to be executed. A priest entered the room and the innocent person said: "I didn't do it!" The priest answered: "I know, child. Actually, all priests know. But we can't tell anyone!".

That is indeed a sad story. Nowadays, not only priests but AI companies are facing this dilemma too. Alexa from Amazon is an AI system which can understand user commands and respond accordingly. A user can ask about the weather or control his home appliances. However, a recent article claimed that users' commands are not only heard by the AI system, but also by many employees at Amazon. This may arouse uneasy feelings in many users. An Amazon employee said that he heard a sexual assault taking palce, but according to the company's policy he couldn't "interfere". Maybe he should make a confession to his supervisor.
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