Is privacy important to you?

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Mar 20, 2019 06:19
The answer seems to be obvious. However, the next question may not be easy. Is privacy equally important to criminals, terrorists or those who are likely to become them?

I recently read an article in which the author criticizes that the Chinese government has been excessively overlooking the people. For example, when you are watching a movie in a theater, there could be someone watching you thousands of kilometers away. Such a feeling is undoubtedly unease for most of the western people. However, Chinese people simply respond with "So what?". As a Chinese old saying goes: good doing does not need to be disguised, Chinese people have almost no resistance to surveillance cameras in the public area. Actually, China has a project called "sky-eyes" that almost all the streets in every city are being monitored by the police. I like to watch TV programs about crime investigation. Almost all cases are solved by watching the records from those cameras. Actually, the coverage of the system is so broad that they can trace people traveling hundreds of kilometers. In some cases, the police can even trace the suspect to the time he left home. I think, in general, people prefer security more than privacy.

I used to have a German colleague who worked in the same office as me. Being working on computer vision, I have video cameras and take videos occasionally. One day, he seriously notified me that I cannot take videos in the office since he might be recorded. Now, I am sharing an office with people from Vietnam, Qatar, Russia, and China. No one has ever any problem with taking videos in the office. Someone from my team even set up a surveillance system in our office for his research work.

I think privacy should be kept in a private area and shall not be overemphasized elsewhere.
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