Make American AI Great Again (1)

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Feb 13, 2019 06:52
President Trump recently signed an initiative aiming at retaining the leadership of Americans in the field of AI. I don't have time to read the initiative. Instead, I read a short summary with five principles and six objectives from an unreliable source. According to the summary, people are disappointed that there is no dollar mentioned in the document. However, those principles and objectives are important and timely to me.

Why a specific initiative for AI? China has been making great progress in many fields and AI is one of the fields that China has caught up with developed countries. I have seen plenty of complaints from researchers in the US about the negligence of the American government. Researchers even predict that China is going to lead AI technologies soon if she has not taken a leading role yet. Comparing to other technologies such as aerospace technology, AI is relatively easier for newcomers, in particular, academia is open and it doesn't take an enormous amount of money and time to test and apply the technology. For decades the Chinese government has been attracting top Chinese researchers in western countries, with undeniable salary and funding options, to return China and work in Chinese universities and institutes, hoping that they will bring state-of-the-art technologies to China. Now, the US government has realized the situation and is taking remedial actions. Late is better than never!

However, why the US has to compete with China? Cooperation will benefit both Countries!