My new goal

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Jun 18, 2017 22:28
I went to the library to borrow some books. Recently I have been busy doing my job and I have forgotten to read books. But I decided to my new goal for reading 10 books in a month. Because I want to my daughter to read books. My daughter doesn't like reading books. She likes to watch Youtube and play the video games. I know the children loves these things but my daughter is overdoing only these things.

When I was a child, I like to read books. I tended to read fantasies and mysteries and they drew me into the stories deeply. Whenever I read books I felt like I was with the characters and doing a lot of things with them. Reading gave me a lot of fun and imaginations. I want my daughter to feel same as my feeling when I felt in my childhood.

But it is difficult to give her a interest to read books, so I think I should show her my state of reading. So that is why I decided the my new goal today. I will bring her to the libraries every two weeks and borrow some books which she likes. Today she borrowed "The secret of insurance scheme" . It is drawn in cartoons but I wandered why she was interested in this book.

I told her to bring one more book for story telling at night. She brought me " Japanese meals" which was written about introducing the Japanese meals. I said "Is it really ok for you? There are a lot of descriptions about the meals. Are you sure to hear it at night before going to sleep?"
She smiled and replied "Yeah, because there are a lot of tasty meals on this book and I may see these meals in my dream if I hear those descriptions before sleeping."

I thought she chose the story like Grimm Fairly tales or Aesop's story,but she didn't.
I am not sure this book will help her to like books but I will read it tonight.