Parents Found More Motivated to Cut Energy Use

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May 16, 2015 21:56
Parents Found More Motivated to Cut Energy Use

Discussion A
• How would you describe your power usage: high, moderate, or low?
My power usage is moderate. I use the air conditioner only in the situation where it is severe hot or cold and I could not bear it any more. Moreover, I commute to my university by train and in the future I will use train to the office.

• What steps can you take to help save energy?
I frequently turn off an unused light and switch on only needed light. The awareness of sparing electricity has been enhanced after the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima. Since then, Japanese people began to save the usage of electricity. At my university, it is limited to use only two elevators though there are four ones in a building.

Discussion B
• What are the main sources of energy in your country?
I looked on the Internet about this before this class. In Japan, thermal power generation accounts for almost 90% of all electric energy. For we can no more rely on atomic power plants.

• How do you see the use of nuclear energy 20 years from now?
We have to change from depending on nuclear and oil into using natural energy society. Achieving this purpose in the future needs advance in technology.
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