Russian Nicknames for Some Countries (Answers for the Quiz)

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Jun 18, 2019 06:30 answers
Here are the answers for the quiz in the previous entry.

1) b: There are many theories about the origins of football but most Russian people think that it was invented in England!

2) c: Musician and composer Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Thuringia, Germany.

3) b: Italy is the country credited by most Russians with being the cradle of the Renaissance.

4) c: Champagne comes from the province of the same name in France. Nowadays, the French insist only drinks produced there are elgible for this name, but we continue to use this word for any sparkling wine (however, officially it is known as игристое вино 'sparkling wine').

5) a: It's Greece. No wonder that following their revival, the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens. Mount Olympus, after which the games have been named, is also in Greece.

6) a: Kung Fu-Tzu, or Confucius in the Western tradition, is a Chinese philosopher.

7) b: This is Argentina, a country in South America. Uruguay is another country claiming to be the homeland of tango, but most Russian people think it is Argentina.
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