Russian Nicknames for Some Countries (Quiz)

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Jun 18, 2019 06:13 Russian; quiz
This is a third entry about Russian nicknames for some countries. This one is a quiz. Russian speakers sometimes refer to another country as the homeland (родина) of a famous person or something well-known. Even if you have never heard these aliases, it is usually easy to understand which country is meant. These are not set phrases (even though they are widely used) and one can be inventive depending on their knowledge and associations.
Here is the quiz (I don't think it is a hard one).

1) Родина футбола (the football homeland): a) Brazil; b) England; c) Italy.

2) Родина Баха (Bach's homeland): a) Austria; b) Switzerland; c) Germany.

3) Родина Ренессанса (the homeland of the Renaissance): a) France; b) Italy; c) Greece.

4) Родина шампанского (the homeland of champagne): a) Spain; b) Belgium; c) France.

5) Родина олимпиады (the homeland of the Olympic games): a) Greece; b) Italy; c) Turkey.

6) Родина Конфуция (the homeland of Confucius): a) China; b) India; c) Korea.

7) Родина танго (the homeland of tango): a) Spain; b) Argentina; c) Mexico.

For the answers see the next entry.