Yori, No hou ga, hodo, ichido practice

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Aug 31, 2014 12:57
I'm practicing making sentences with yori, ho hou ga, hodo, and ichido. Are these sentences right?

パソコンより車は高いです (Computers are less expensive than cars)
魚は犬より泳ぐ (Fish swim more than Dogs)

いいの事の方が思う (I think more about good things)
学校より家の方が行きたい (I want to go home more than school) {Also, is 家 'uchi' or 'ie' here?}
先生はさっきにほど信じない (I believe in sensei less now than before)
あいつの方が君より全てを言うことがわかる (I understand everything he says, more than what i understand what you say)
みんなは彼女の方が僕より好きです (Everyone likes her more than they like me)

日本語は一番言だよね (Japanese Is the best language)
木の葉でカカシは一番強いです (In Konoha, Kakashi is the strongest) { My anime fix :D }
友達の中で君は一番だ (Of all my friends, you are the best)
ブラジルは南アメリカの国の中で一番大きいです (Brasil is the biggest of all the countries in South America)

国で何が一番行きたいか (Out of all countries, which do you want to go to most?)
日本は一番行きたい (I want to go Japan the most)

服で何一番かわいいじゃない (Which of these clothes is not the cutest?)
このスカートは一番醜い (This skirt is the ugliest)