#3 Something about my study of German 2014.1.13

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Jan 13, 2014 23:59 日记 学习 德语
I've been studying German on the Apple App Duolingo for over a month. Learning German is fun but the language itself is so hard!!!!
For instance, the article for "apple" in English is either "an" or "the".
"Tina brought me an apple in the morning and I ate the apple at dinner time."
But there are so many different articles for "Apfel" in German in different situations.
1. Der Apfel ist gut. The apple is good.
2. Die Frau isst den Apfel. The woman is eating the apple.
3. Ihr esst einen Apfel. You are eating an apple.
4. Es ist ein Apfel. It is an apple.
I haven't learnt German grammar yet. I hope I can find answers in the future when I'm on my way of studying German.
I started making an Excel sheet for words and sentences I learnt from Duolingo yesterday. Just keep on studying and taking notes.
我在苹果App Duolingo上学习德语已有一个月。学习德语很有趣,但是德语好难~!!!
举例说明,在英语中apple的冠词是an或者the. “Tina在早晨的时候带给了我一个苹果,我在晚饭的时候把这个苹果吃了。”