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Feb 5, 2019 10:58

I was born in uptown Moscow in 1970
Too early I felt my oats
When I was four, I used bad language a lot
In kindergarten, girls showed me their cunts
Then I went to school, lousy uniform, fighting, and glue
That's how I was getting stronger
I stole money in the dressing room
When I was eight, I started smoking
Lost my virginity when I was eleven
I didn't care about my parents
And spent much time with my friends in a dump
Jackboots and a telogreika, Brezhnev died
I started going to a gym
And bought boxing gloves, but someone snatched them in school
Found them, Vityok and Kolya were fucked
Blood spots on the floor
The police put me on their list
I robbed a trailer
Respect from my bros
Time went by
I evaded the army due to kidney problems
And beat up a policeman when I was drunk
I moved to my girlfriend's in Kuryanovo
My friends and I started racketing businessmen at Rizhskaya
We killed a gypsy girl by accident
I found myself on the federal list
Got my first Mercedes
Got addicted to methamphetamine
But Butyrka cured me, thanks to Kera
A year later, I was sentenced to fifteen years
The North, flies, jail, harsh faces
Escaped the courtroom with a goof
We went to the woods to eat his meat
A freight train, hitchhiking, Moscow, my bros' apartment
Got a new ID, a new job and new pills
I was dealing with things, lots of coco
Got married and racketed banks
Our residence was a Taganka mason
My son was born, my mother died
I went on vacation to Cuba for six months
Rum, coco, tired of fucking mulattoes

I fly back to Moscow and get trapped in Sheremetievo
They're really gonna jail me
I didn't even have time to feed pigeons
They start torturing me asking where the money is
They recall my old passport
Pick up old files
And realize I'm a dangerous passenger
They take me to a country house
Lock me up in the basement as if it were a grave
And blackmail the money from me, cocksuckers
All of my bros get trapped
I totally refuse, but suddenly
Their boss comes in with another asshole
They pick up their guns
And take off their jackets
"Have you changed your mind?" I hear
"No" I say
I recall an evening on a riverside
Barbecues, Anka giving me a blowjob
My bros with beer
Fuck, we did have a good time!
Two Makarovs are aiming at me
Like my mother's eyes at the burial service
Shit, Havana was so fucking awesome!
Sunset, shorts and palms
I see they unlock their guns
I recall my son and boxing gloves
My guardian angel
The first bullet hits my arm, it fucking hurts
The second one scratches my cheek, you bastard
I spit three teeth on the concrete
Then it's in my leg and in my stomach
They pick up their jackets
Talking about their own business, ignoring me
Blood fills my mouth, this is it, game over
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