My Englsih Essay Practice (6)

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Jan 27, 2014 20:36
Some people think that planning for future is a waste of time, it is more important to focus on the present. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

We are living in the world where it is hard to predict the future. Especially for the speed of trends in businesses alters day by day, then it affects dynamic job market changing the demanding skills and preferable characteristics of potential employees. In a one day company may cut downs half of their employees for the reason of stock market crisis, massive information leak, and accumulated debt of investments. Thus, some people argue that planning the future is totally useless and waste of time because the world we are facing rapidly changes. Instead, they argue focus more to survive on the present. This article discusses the merit of planning for the future and also how to avoid the waste of time being planned.
When people do planning their future, sometimes they come up with very dreamy, un-achievable goal and plan. For example, scoring 8.0 in the writing in IELTS in a month who just have scored five seem to overestimating himself. Even the goal is very clear goal, there has to be three aspects of efforts followed to achieve them. First, the well-organized action plan should be set. The one goal should be analysed properly to achieve number of small goals, which could tackle the conditions to achieving the goal. For instance of this goal, real actions of writing has to done until he can write organized structures with the flow of logic. Not only that, also, each sentence has to be well written with every proper use of vocabulary. Even with the proper actions plans, true efforts had to be followed with continuous making mistakes. Last but not least, objective view of feedback has to be given for previous schemes and on his own works.
In this essay, I made an assumption of achieving score of eight as my future, and my goal. Without the present efforts of achieving, dreaming would be always the waste of time.
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