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Jan 2, 2014 13:53
Tourism is an industry where the cultural heritage or great natural sites become shapeless products. However, some people argue that tourism does not bring only opportunity of making fortune but also cause some problem for development of country. For example, ruining the historical heritage by inappropriate management or polluting the natural sites eventually damages the asset of a country. Furthermore, preserving the area where the heritages also slows down to grow local towns because it is banned to build new buildings. This article discusses how tourism can guarantee benefits of development for a country with my own knowledge or experience.

The first idea of how tourism benefits to development is doing more research on heritage and its surrounded areas. It has been slow down the development of the old cities where it had been a capital of a country for more than centuries. However, without access of advanced transportation and providing more accommodation, there are limitation of growing in its tourism. Furthermore, to prevent damage existing old buildings and preserve undiscovered heritages underground, there should be well prepared research to develop these cities.

Another way of the idea for ensuring benefits of country by tourism is selling cultural products. This will have the meaning to develop more attractive tour programs. The cultural products imply very broad range of types of products. For instance, from things what people wear and eat to what local people listen to music and how to entertain themselves. Conventional ways of tourism had a limitation of developing more diverse tour programs or products as great scenery got more exposed by media and daily updates by the individual blogging. However, cultural products as theme of classic music tour for Austria can deliver more vivid experience to tourists and give more active tasks to local Austrians.

In conclusion, tourism is one of sustainable industry which rather requires the human resources. To attract more people and develop the local areas, local government and individual should learn better of their home town and focus more what features make their town or city authentic and distinguish from other cultures.