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Jan 3, 2014 16:00
In many countries the proportion of older people is increasing than younger people. Is it a negative or positive development?

Average human lives has been extended ever before because of the evolving medical technologies. Especially, in developed countries, number of old generation is growing rapidly than developing countries. There is controversial issue whether this increase of older people is positive or negative to development of a country. This article discusses why it is still optimistic of escalation of number of senior citizens.
First of all, seniors have more experience and adapt skills in many work fields especially in medicine, law, engineering and design. With more experience, seniors can help developing matured technology more innovative. One of the example of senior’s invention is Frazier’s Lens, which made cameras to focus not only one point where things are close but in the distance at the same time. Experts says it couldn’t been not invented without many experience of using different lens. I believe those experiences seniors have is very precious which cannot be replaced by knowledge that is online.
Secondly, I believe the society with senior generation will accelerate to adopt robots. The big frame of industry have changed from agriculture to manufacture when the industrial revolution occurred. Then, at the early 80s servicing industries taken over the manufactures. Presently, knowledge based industries will growing bigger. Since the middle thirties are already computer literate, they will continue browsing webs for life long work and leisure, those knowledge based business would expand more.
In conclusion, older people have potential to lead development in a certain extent as they can solve problems with wisdom. Some may think, seniors act in a conservative way, however, senior engineers and designers never get old in their mind. Eventually, human reached and guaranteed longer life time than before, maybe it is time to redefine what is the age that you are actually old.