My 2nd English Essay

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Jan 2, 2014 17:11
Modern people daily uses micro computers which are embedded in different many shapes. Computers has been developed in smaller size, now the smart phones and tablet personal computers(PC)
are replacing the conventional desk tops and lap tops. However, these new technologies causes more troubles in certain extent. Thus, some people argues that people should simply stop using these technologies to make life simpler. This article discusses inconvenience of using advanced technologies and how we would get over with them in the conclusion.

One of the technologies that annoys people is email. There are statics shows that average users spending fifteen minutes to deleting spam mails daily. However, email has become very important channel to communicate, modern people just cannot simply stop using them.

Another troubles of using technology we experience is when we had to update our computers or smart phones. Sometimes this unexpected update interrupt the during the task of users and starts the machine over to process of updating software. As new features come with the software users also needs to keep up the knowledge of how to use new features and functions.

In conclusion, for new technology there have always been some unconvinced aspect of adapting them. The only thing people could do is find the problems and fixing bit by bit. Spam mails can be limited by setting the email filters on. New updates can be set to be done while the machine is not used. People cannot give up the developed technology, however we would expect technology that adapted more humanity in the future.
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