Hydrangea seeing spots in Kamakura

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May 28, 2018 17:58
Hydrangea seeing spots in Kamakura


Meigetsuin Temple is also known as Ajisaidera ("Hydrangea Temple"). hydrangea bloom in abundance on the temple grounds during the rainy season. Its beautiful blue color is called "Meigetsuin Blue." In this season, the garden behind the main hall (iris garden) is special open to the public. It is going to be released from June 1, but it may be earlier according to the flower blooming condition.


Grounds of Hase dera temple filled with seasonal flowers are called "western paradise of Kamakura". You can see Yuigahama beach over Hydrangeas from the "hydrangea path" alongside the slope covering about 2,500 Hydrangeas.


Tokei-ji temple is one of "100 flower temples of eastern Japan". There are hydrangea, iris behind the statue of Buddha in front of the main road, and sweet Iwatabako flowers on the rocky cliffs. Until June 10, we can enter behind the main hall and see Iwagarami flowers.
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