My experience using Skout to had new friend

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Mar 21, 2016 12:51
Today i had new friend form skout. Skout is one of social media that used to get new friend from all over the world. If feel exicited when i got new friend from Skout. Because i can try to had conversation text in english. So i can practice with them. Some of them said that my english is rather good. They apriciated me cause i try my best to speak english with them. New friend means new lesson learn. Share some story about our country. And if you are lucky, you will get new girl firend or boyfriend too. Thats the positive thing of Skout.

The negative thing about Skout is when we meet crazy people who always dirty think. Talk about sex and othe dirty think. If you meet people like this, simple, just blocked them.

Thats my story about my experience on Skout.

Would you give any correction to my journal please? It will help me alot. Thanks Guys!