The second day of home stay

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Jun 3, 2015 00:00
In the morning, we went to Tonami city museum and the entrance fee was 1000 en per 1 adult !! It made me surprise. I won't go to there anymore, but the exhibits were very good !
In the afternoon, we knead the soil and made plates. They are baked and conpleted in July. I'm goint to send them to Singapore.
After that, we went to a big shopping mall to have ice creams and to buy fire works.
Dinner were okonomi-yakis and we played hanabis and went to beds.
I was very tired, but I was very fun !
午前中、砺波市の美術館へ。ここの入場料は大人一人1000円でびっくり!! もう二度と来ないと思います。ただ展示品はよかった。
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