Am I timid?

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Jan 5, 2016 23:52
I read reports about Japan. The title was "This is Our Democracy, isn't it !!" and was written by Thakahashi Genichiro.
I felt fear, a sence of hopelessness and frustration as the same feeling as I had read a novel called "Damals War Es Friedrich" by Hans peter Richter.
Recently, it is wrong. From long time ago, I feel a sence. I'm sure that I'm not the only person, I think that everyone feel as same as me....
Local Council deputies are still not bad, but Member of Parliament are no longer represent us !
I'm wondering that japanese poeple is so busy in their work that they do pretend not to notice the most important thing as a humain being and has a blind eye to the future of Japan. I'm very scared. I feard not to give my children a peaceful Japan.