English lesson 1

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Jun 13, 2015 12:24
I have a English lesson for children about the feeling expressions and I'd like to know the various feeling expressions and if I'm wrong, tell me about them.

I'm happy. (good, fine, smiling, ok, delightful)
I'm sad. (lonely, crying)
I'm angry. (mortifying, regretable)
I'm hopeful.
I'm sleepy.
I'm tired. (exhausted)
I'm hungry.
I'm relaxed.
I'm excited.
I'm disappointed. (bad, chocked)
I'm scared.
I'm in trouble.
I'm thinking now.

Please tell me other expressions that I should teach for children.

Next, I'd like to know the expressions that give the person who said the expressions above.

I'm happy. (good, fine,smiling, ok, delightful)→It's good (nice)
I'm sad. (lonely, crying) →I stay with you.
I'm angry. (mortifying, regretable)→What's happened? Don't be angry.
I'm hopeful. →It sounds good.
I'm sleepy. →You go to bed.
I'm tired. (exhausted) →You go to bed. Take a rest.
I'm hungry. →Eat something. Take a meal.
I'm relaxed. →It's good. I envy you.
I'm excited. →What make you excited.
I'm disappointed. (bad, chocked)→Don't worry about it.
I'm scared. →Don't be scared. It's ok.
I'm in trouble. →What's the matter with you?
I'm thinking now.       →What's wrong with you?

Please tell me other expressions.
Thank you for advance.