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Feb 17, 2016 09:42

My idea would be to work on age effect in late second language acquisition. “Age effects in late second acquisition” could be the title of my paper, which I`d like to be a general review on the topic with a final section dedicated to the pedagogical implication and the teaching suggestions. It would be appropriate to dived the paper into several sections: in the introduction there will be a general presentation of the paper with the mention of the principal bibliography references that have influenced my work. In the first paragraph, the core concepts of the arguments necessary for the general understanding of the research will be briefly introduced. As first, I will point out the difference between L1 and L2 acquisition taking into account Dornyei and Skehan (2003) and Doughty (2003 research which aim is to define the difference between the so-called second language ultimate attainment and the native-like proficiency. According to the authors this difference has been wrongly attributed either to an age related loss of learning ability or to the erosion of some specific language learning mechanism.
Then, in the second paragraph I will analyze all the factors that are considered important in the loss of the second language learning ability, which are: the age of acquisition, the first exposure and the length of residence. We have also have other endogenous variables which include motivation, psycho-social integration with the L2 culture, aptitude (imitative ability, working memory capacity, metalinguistic awareness) learning styles and strategies.