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Aug 11, 2015 03:33

My childhood was mostly wind, and sea. But, while the sea was a dear friend, a sleepover one, the wind was something different, something secretive. In my own town, we live close to the sea, we stop by there every time we can, night or daylight it doesn't matter. We don't like to go to magnificent restaurants on the seaside, we are not crazy about music or discotheques, we even dislike go shopping. We stay there crouched or layed like salmons at the market, usually waiting for the sunset. The sunset is freedom for us, we don't feel anymore as we were hostages or prisoners of the sea and of all that Beauty that surrendered us, at the sunset we can go home as regular persons and watch television. When I was a child nobody watched television. We just turned it on for the light and for the cosy noise. The cosy noise mafe everybody comfortable about not talking each other. The time stuck. Silence was different according to the family but I neither saw a happy silent family nor a talkative one.
Me?? I was happy because I had my soccer ball and I could spend all my day kicking it from the corner of my yard straight to the gate that worked as a door of a real soccer field at the time. Unlike all my friends I didn't need too much company, I was kind of glad to stay alone and play by myself but this, I guess, was something that attracted all the kids of the neighborhood to my house. They enjoyed how few was my requests toward them and their presence. I had three rules: don't talk aloud, don't bring stolen items (oh it happened all the time) and do not touch the ball with the hands. I was tollerant with the first two rules but intolerant with the last one: we are soccer players, we don't touch the ball with the hands. And the wind? Oh it is a long story, let's do another time.