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May 30, 2016 13:59

It was too late
when they open the jail door
Michel was already hanging
with a rope around his neck

Every time that I hear
a roaster singing
I will think about that night
when Michel hanged himself

Tonight Michel hanged himself by a nail
because he didn`t want to stay
20 years in jail
from you, away (I changed the words order for poetic reason not sure is a good idea)

In the dark he laid and died
he knew he couldn`t confess
that he killed someone
only because of you

I know that he hanged himself
so you would`ve always had to remember
his pure love

20 years of jail
that the Court`s decision
as he killed who wanted
to take his Marie from him

So he was convicted
for 20 years of jail
but now that he`s dead
the jail cell door will be open for him (trying to be fancy)

Even if he didn`t put his reasons down
you know he did it only for you

Tomorrow afternoon
he will lay among dead people
no funeral or priest for him
`cause for a suicide
they don`t feel sorrow or pity (same attempt of changing words order here)

in the wet cold ground
someone would put a cross
with a date and a name
on him
yes on him
someone would put a cross
with a date and a name.

(this translation is a total failure. A beautiful lyrics in Italian becomes a weird dark poem in English is not all my fault, the 2 languages are so different because the culture beneath them is so different...but if you can listen to this song, it is great!)

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